My second week in Auckland

For my second week (for week one click here) of exploring New Zealand, it was all about the islands and the Auckland Zoo. If you’ve ever been to the San Diego Zoo nothing impresses you as much after that, nonetheless, I was so happy to see some hippos and zebras


Auckland zoo zebras DSC_0494

ZebraS_auckland_zoo_DSC_0498more zebras anyone?


Monkeys Home_auckland_zoo_DSC_0424

auckland zoo_bird DSC_0415

Auckland skyline_DSC_0207Auckland waterfront

Ferry ride DSC_0214On the ferry to Rangitoto IslandRangitoto island endDSC_0224

Rangitoto island DSC_0379

Rangitoto island top view DSC_0346View from the top of Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto island top view 1 DSC_0323

Rangitoto island top DSC_0350

Next stop was Waiheke Island. It is  a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland with beautiful beaches, picturesque farmlands and vineyards.

waiheke island boat DSC_0574

waiheke island  father and children boat DSC_0822

waiheke island port DSC_0814

waiheke island mountains and beachDSC_0776

Waiheke island DSC_0753


waiheke island sheeps DSC_0923
Waiheke island road DSC_0630

waiheke island 5 DSC_0733

waiheke island 4 DSC_0730

waiheke island 4 DSC_0701

waiheke island 3 DSC_0932

waiheke island beach DSC_0013

Images by MK Square Studio

My first week in Auckland

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be visiting New Zealand, I would have never believed them.   To me, New Zealand is one of these destinations, like Bali and Thailand that you only dream of going. So when the opportunity presented itself, I was ecstatic. With no time for planning, I packed my bags and headed to the airport for the 22-hour trip.  I landed at Auckland International Airport at 8:30am and by 10am I was on my way downtown to the Auckland Waterfront.

Auckland waterfront graphitti art

Auckland waterfront graphitti

It was such a beautiful sunny day, which was a welcomed change compared to the brutal cold weather we’ve been having lately  in New York City.

Auckland waterfront stripes

Auckland waterfront sky tower

Auckland waterfront boat

Auckland waterfront library

Auckland waterfront silo parkSilo Park

In the afternoon, I met with the Mr. and we walked to Ponsonby Road where we had dinner at El Sizzling Chorizo.

On day 2, I decided to take some time and do a little bit of research on the things I wanted to see and do. I decided to spend the first week exploring the city of Auckland and the next two weeks exploring the neighboring islands and lakes.

On day 3, I walked through the Auckland Domain Park, stopped by the Wintergarden and admired all the different types of ferns in the Fernery.

Domain parkDuck Pond in Domain Park

Wintergarden_fernFerns in Wintergarden at Domain Park

I visited  the Kinder House on Ayr Street in Parnell and walked down Parnell Road, discovering local shops and artists.The Kinder house was designed in 1857 by Frederick Thatcher and is made from volcanic stone. The house displays watercolor paintings, photographs and sketches of John Kinder. Around the corner from the Kinder house is the Domain Ayr Cafe where I had the tastiest fresh juice ever.

Kinder HouseKinder House

On Day 4,  the Mr. and I took a day trip to Waitomo Glowworm Caves. It was a 2.5-hour drive passing through mountains, valleys and countryside

Road trip to Glowworm caves

Road trip to Waitomo Glowworm Caves


Glowworm cavesGlowworm Caves

We ended the weekend by driving to the beach. Piha beach is one of the most popular beaches along Auckland’s west coast and is very famous among surfers.

Piha beach 2Piha Surf Beach

Piha beach_entrance

Piha beach

Piha beach_waves

Piha beach_surfer

Piha beach mountain

Piha beach marinos

Piha  beach surfers2


Images by MK Square Studio